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XParts Auto Corp. has specialized in Korea car Parts serving the automotive industry for over 18 years. Yoon U. Won founded LXParts Auto Corp. in 2003 in Ulsan, Korea. The company is acting an important role of exporting Korea auto parts focused on leading automotive brands auto parts to the worldwide and building a reputation from our customers all around world.

LXParts Auto Corp. is in a well position to carrying full line of new auto parts such as engine, transmission, electric parts, steering, suspension, panels, and so on. We have all kinds including fast moving items and accessories of cars and trucks for all makers in Korea. We also provide the ultimate solution of supplying the largest selection of high quality products to auto parts dealers around world.

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LXParts Auto Corp. is the Korea's premier supplier of automotive parts and assemblies. we assure quality, value, professionalism and fair business practice. Before being shipped, the parts are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure your satisfactions,

LXParts Auto Corp.’s Statement on Ethics

LXParts Auto Corp. is committed to reporting on all companies and individuals fairly and without bias while dealing Korea Auto Parts with customers. Members of the company are prohibited from writing about companies and/or individuals where they have personal relationships or financial interests.


Yoon U. Won is the founder and CEO of LXParts Auto Corp. www.lxparts.co was created to meet World’s growing need for a Korea auto parts. Yoon has dedicated to covering Korea car parts and become one of the most engaged companies in Korea Auto Parts industry. His passion for the business drove him to create what would become LXParts Auto Corp. now. He oversees the whole process of the business, while working closely with all the staffs to give high satisfaction to every customer.

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